From shopping therapy to a delightful knitting experience.


It is amazing how the little things in life can offer the most happiness. Some find it by shopping (like me). I usually find it therapeutic when I am looking at for cool or awesome things to buy online for my family, friends and especially for myself. But soon I realized that the good feeling often times, has to do with things that money can’t buy. Take for instance knitting. Apart from being a good source of income, it is one of the most treasured hobbies across the world. It offers participants an excellent time to meditate, rethink and re-strategize their lives, and most importantly, it presents a good opportunity to put hidden creativity to work.




Yet, one thing is true; one must find the process enjoyable to carry on with it for a long time. Below are tips on how to make your knitting experience a delightful one.


1. Develop deep passion

The most successful people in the world started with having a real passion in what they do. Regardless of where you usually do with or take your completed items, you must develop a lot of interest in knitting. It should be something that you look forward to every other day. You must want something so bad for you to find the urge and strength to pursue it. How much importance do you attach to your knitting? What has it helped you to accomplish?


2. Unveil that hidden potential

The majority of people don’t know that they have untapped potential – in so many aspects of their lives. From work to academics and relationships, there is basically too much that one person can offer. You need to find out that which you haven’t brought out in the open as far as knitting is concerned. Try out new, exciting and challenging items, designs, and styles. If you have always to put your fashion and design skills into work, this is a good opportunity. Make good use of the Internet. There are so many good and exciting things that you can pick from the Internet. In any case, why do you own that Smartphone in the first place – if not to access fresh information?


3. Share your experience with the world

You needn’t be a top writer or marketer to own and run a blog. Make a point of sharing your knitting experience with the rest of the world. This will open a whole new world of knitting to you. Imagine having the opportunity to network with fellow knitters as well as people who fall in love with your work. Their feedback is what you need to keep going. Clearly, you wouldn’t want to let down your fanatics.


Keep them posted on everything you are up to. This is a good way to monitor your progress. You really never know what awaits you. What started as a hobby can turn into something you have never imagined.


“Knitting is the new yoga!”