• Go out there and start knitting!

      There is plenty of fun doing knitting patterns especially when you are just starting out. The primary reason being that you will be able to create some new beautiful things, without bumping into a lot of trouble or needing much experience. The most effective guidance I can give for most beginner leveled hand spinners […]

  • A few things that you need to consider when shopping for knitting materials.

      Knitting is an enjoyable activity which involves the use of special needles that are used to twist yarn or thread and come up with beautiful textile. Knitting can either be done by hand or by use of a machine. Apart from being a commercial venture, some people practice knitting as a hobby after their […]

  • From shopping therapy to a delightful knitting experience.

      It is amazing how the little things in life can offer the most happiness. Some find it by shopping (like me). I usually find it therapeutic when I am looking at https://noveltystreet.com for cool or awesome things to buy online for my family, friends and especially for myself. But soon I realized that the […]

  • Introduction to knitting.

      Knitting is a tradition that will never get old. Many start out as a hobby and end up as highly experienced tailors by learning the art of making textile through working through loops and loops of yarn. For all you lovers of creative manipulation of yarn, here is a brief introduction to knitting.   […]