Hi I'm Jacey, welcome to my blog fellow hand spinners.
  • Go out there and start knitting!

      There is plenty of fun doing knitting patterns especially when you are just starting out. The primary reason being that you will be able to create some new beautiful things, without bumping into a lot of trouble or needing much experience. The most effective guidance I can give for most beginner leveled hand spinners […]

  • A few things that you need to consider when shopping for knitting materials.

      Even in this fast paced world, it is surprising to know that there are still a lot of people who love knitting, a calming and productive hobby. You may come across an expecting mother knitting the baby socks for her little one, a middle-aged man crafting a hat in his cubicle to keep his […]

  • Tips on how to make your knitting experience a delightful one.

      Knitting is a hobby that is not only relaxing but also has practical applications. The items that you knit will provide you great satisfaction and at the same time will add to your clothing or household accessories. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and pick up a pair of knitting needles and give […]

  • Introduction to knitting.

      Knitting is an incredibly fulfilling hobby. Although almost everyone has taken it as a obligation when expecting a newborn, it can still be carried out as hobby or even an income generating venture. You can go ahead and start with some affordable plastic needles, which are suitable for beginners. You may find a great […]